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Integrated Laser Positioning Rebar Scanner With Bluetooth

Integrated Laser Positioning Rebar Scanner With Bluetooth

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JY-8SK Laser positioning steel bar scanner is a hand-held nondestructive testing equipment. It can be used conveniently and can be used to test the internal reinforcement of concrete. It can accurately test the thickness of the concrete inner steel bar, the position, direction and distribution of the internal steel bar, and can test the diameter of the steel bar, and can test the diameter of the steel bar. Instrument development and production is according to the JGJ_T152-2008 concrete steel bar testing technical specification.



  • High resolution color LCD screen (2.8-inch, 320x240-pixel, 65536-color)

  • Integrated host, testing unit integrated with the host, no need for signal line

  • Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, the maximum working time can be

        up to 30 hours.

  • Laser indicating positioning, convenient to determine the position of steel bar.

The laser beam attached to this instrument meets the safety standards and must not be directly viewed as a laser source

Technical Parameters

  • Range of Different steel bar diameters


Diameter of bar \  Range


Small Range (mm)

Mass Range (mm)

  • Different thickness error range


    Error Range   \  Range


Small Range (mm)

Mass Range (mm)


Performance Characteristics

  • The testing results show the thickness of the protective layer, the distance between steel bars and the number of steel bars.

  • Waveform testing can be carried out to facilitate the analysis of steel bar situation.

  • The position of the steel bar and the middle position of the two bars can be accurately positioned by the aiming frame.

  • The calibration value is stored automatically, and the calibration is avoided before each test. In special cases, the calibration can be carried out again.

  • Thickness testing, section scanning and grid scanning are all boundless, so they can be scanned in a wide range.

  • Waveform scan can complete a range of 5.5 meters or more.

  • Built-in large capacity memory chip, can store more than 2, 000 components or170,000 testing points; convenient in the field for data storage, view, deletion.

  • Simple data transfer, as long as the instrument boots up (in the main interface, main menu interface, transfer interface) and is connected to the PC with data line,

  • the instrument does not need any operation, the data can be transferred to the computer.

  • In the transport interface, data can be transmitted directly through Bluetooth on a computer (optional)

  • Supporting professional data analysis software, can test data for professional processing and generate a variety of test reports.

Packaged Details

package 2_副本

1) Instrument host

2) Charger

3) Data transfer line

4) Software CD-ROM

5) Bluetooth receiver (optional)

6) Large capacity external power supply (optional)

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