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Battery-Powered Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Water

Battery-Powered Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Water

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TDS-100H Ultrasonic flow meter battery powered

The handheld ultrasonic flow meteris designed to work with clamp-on transducers to enable 

the flow of a liquid within a closed pipe to be measured accurately without  needing to insert any 

mechanical parts through the pipe wall or protrude into the flow system. 

Using ultrasonic transit time techniques, It is controlled by a micro processor system which contains a wide range of data that enables it to be used with pipes with an outside diameter ranging from 15mm up to 6000mm (depending on model) and constructed of almost any material. The instrument will also operate over a wide range of fluid temperatures.


Accuracy±1% of reading at rates>0.2mps
Response0-999 seconds
Pipe Size15mm-6000mm
Rate UnitsMeter,Feet,Cubic Meter,Liter,Cubic Feet,USA Gallon,UK Gallon
Totalizer7-digit totalizers for net accumulation and positive and negative accumulations
Liquid Typesall liquids
SecurityLocks of Set values, you have to unlock while changing data;
Operation LanguagesEnglish (standard) ; French(option); Italian (option)
Communication InterfaceRS-232
Power Supply3AAA Ni-Hbuilt-inbatteries.When fully rech arged it will lastover 10 hours of operation.
100V-240VAC for the charger
Data LoggerBuilt-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data


  • Water, including hot water, chilled water, city water, sea water and more.

  • Sewage and drainage water with small particle quantity

  • Oil, including crude oil, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, etc.

  • Chemicals, including alcohol, acids and more.

  • Solvents

  • Beverage and food processors

  • HVAC hot and cool water, water/glycol solutions

  • Water and waste treatment

  • Power plants (nuclear, thermal & hydropower) heat energy boiler feed water

  • Energy consumption supervision and water conservation management

  • Metallurgy and mining applications (e.g., acid recovery)

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