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TDS-100P Portable Fuel Oil Ultrasonic Flow Meter

TDS-100P Portable Fuel Oil Ultrasonic Flow Meter

TDS-100P portable ultrasonic flow meter/heat meter is suitable for any industry application of fluid flow/heat online calibration and measurement.good at easy operation,high accuracy,good consistency,online printing, longer battery powered time,heat measurement,and so on.
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Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter for fuel 


1. Description: portable ultrasonic flow meter /waste water flow meter
2. Accuracy:1% 
3. Fetures:easy installation 
4. LVD and EMC Compliance Certificate  


Item    Parameters
Measuring PrincipleWhen the ultrasonic beam is transmitting in the liquid,its transmit time is proportional to the liquid flow
Applicationfor continuously measuring the flow of most clear,single and pure liquid which do not have large consistence suspended matter or  bubbles.
LinearityBetter than 0.5%
AccuracyBetter than 1.0%
RepeatabilityBetter than 0.2%
Sensor Installation MethodClamp-on
Measured Liquidwater, sea water, sewage, alcohol, various oils such as uniform, single, stable liquid
Displaybacklit LCD can display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, velocity, time, calories and other data signal output at the same time
Signal InputCan input two current signals(such as: temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc. signals) in order to achieve heat measurements or a dual-purpose machine
Signal Outputelectric current signal  4-20mA or 0-20mA, etc. Impedance 0 - 1K, accuracy 0.1%
OCT signalpositive and negative, the net cumulative flow and the heat cumulative pulse signal or the Instantaneous flow of the frequency signal.
Power Supply220VAC(Standard)  Battery: built-in Ni-MH accumulator which can work for more than 12hours continuously
Straight pipe lengthUpstream≥10D,Downstream≥5D, Length from pump exit≥30D
Crust MaterialsDie-casting aluminum
Other FeaturesElectric relay: Can output nearly 20 kinds of source signals (such as no signal, the reverse flow, etc.)
Sound Alarm: Can set the alarm buzzer sounds (such as the flow is max, or too small, etc.)

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