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Steam Flow Meter

Superheated Steam Flow Meter

Superheated Steam Flow Meter

TEMGB vortex flowmeter is used for measuring the flow velocity of gases or liquids in pipelines flowing full. The measuring principle is based on the development of a Karman vortex shedding street in the wake of a body built into the pipeline. The periodic shedding of eddies occurs first from one side and then from the other side of a bluff body (vortex-shedding body) installed perpendicular to the pipe axis. Vortex shedding generates a so-called "Karman vortex street" with alternating pressure conditions whose frequency is proportional to the flow velocity.
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What is the advantage of vortex flowmeter?


1.No moving parts, stable for a long time, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance

2.The sensor output zero drift, the performance is very stable in multiple forms.

3.Higher accuracy

4.Wide measurement range , it can be 1:20 when the range of the Reynolds number is 2*10^4~7*10^6

5.Low pressure loss,it is a good energy-saving instrument.

6.The installation method is flexible, and can be installed horizontally, vertically and at different angles

7.The vortex flow meter adopts anti-interference circuit and anti vibration sensing head, which has mobile anti environment vibration performance.

8.Using ultra low power single-chip microcomputer technology, 1pcs of 3V10AH lithium batteries can be used for more than 5 years.

9.Using EEPROM storage cumulative flow, the Storage time is greater than 10 years

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