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YLLD Series Magnetic Flow Meter For Closed Pipeline

YLLD Series Magnetic Flow Meter For Closed Pipeline

YLLD series electromagnetic flowmeter measurement principle is Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the main components of the sensor are: measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, core and yoke shell. Electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used to measure the volume flow in the conductive liquid and slurry in the closed pipe. Including acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids. Electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries as well as environmental protection, municipal management, water conservancy construction and other fields.

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1, the measurement from the fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes;

2, measuring tube unobstructed flow components, no pressure loss, straight pipe less demanding;

3, the series of nominal diameter DN15 ~ DN3000. Sensor liner and electrode materials have a variety of options;

4, the converter uses a new excitation method, low power consumption, zero stability, high accuracy. Flow range up to 1500: 1;

5, the converter can be integrated with the sensor or separate type;

6, the converter uses 16 high-performance microprocessors, 2x16LCD display, parameter setting is convenient, programming is reliable;

7, electromagnetic flowmeter for the two-way measurement system, built-in three totalizer: the total forward, the total reverse and the total difference; can be displayed. Zhuang, counter flow, and has a variety of output: current, pulse, digital communications, HART;

8, the converter uses surface mount technology (SMT), with self-test and self-diagnostic capabilities;

YL LD series of electromagnetic flowmeter instrument selection

◆ Range Confirmation

General industrial use of electromagnetic flowmeter measured medium flow rate of 2 ~ 4m / s is appropriate, under special circumstances, the minimum flow rate should not be less than 0.2m / s, the maximum should not be greater than 8m / s. If the medium contains solid particles, the common flow rate should be less than 3m / s, to prevent excessive friction lining and electrode; for viscous fluid, the flow rate can be greater than 2m / s, a larger flow rate helps to automatically eliminate the sticky electrode The role of stagnant, help to improve the measurement accuracy.

Under the condition that the range Q has been determined, the size of the flowmeter diameter D can be determined according to the range of the flow velocity V, and the value thereof is calculated by the following formula:

Q = πD2V / 4

Q: flow rate (㎡ / h) D: pipe diameter V: flow rate (m / h)

Magnetic flowmeter range Q should be greater than the expected maximum flow value, while the normal flow value to slightly larger than the flow meter full scale 50 is appropriate.

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