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Magnetic Flow Meter

Plug-in Pipeline Heating Magnetic Flow Meter

Plug-in Pipeline Heating Magnetic Flow Meter

Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, lined with fluorine, plastic, cast aluminum, cast iron, transparent acrylic, Hastelloy, titanium, agate, Accuracy class: 0.5 Applicable medium: gas, liquid, gas-solid, liquid-solid, other Style: Digital electronic display Converter form: split Nominal diameter: DN15-3200mm Working pressure; 1.6Mpa Flow rate range: 6647kg / h
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Preface of plug in electromagnetic flow meter

TEM82E series Plug-in electromagnetic flow transducer and electromagnetic flow transverter are combined to be plug-in electromagnetic flow meter, which is used to measure the volume flow rate of various conducting liquid in the pipeline.


Technical Parameters of plug in electromagnetic flow meter

Pipe diameter


Flow rate range

0~1 to 0~10m/s


+-1  5%.



Output signal

0~10mA or 4~20mA

Protection class

Can be OEM (IP65 or IP68)

Medium conductivity

More than 50μs/cm

Electrode material

Molybdenum stainless steel   0Cr118Ni12Mo2Ti, Hadtelloy Alloy c-276, Ti etc. (can be OEM)

Measuring tube (measuring head) materials


Medium maximum temperature

ABS 60

Operating pressure


Electromagnetic flow transducer output   signal


Maximal signal transmission distance   between transducer and transverter

50 m

The plug in electromagnetic flow meter (transducer) has been widely used for conducting liquid measurement and production automatic control in different industries including chemical engineering, chemical fiber, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, paper making, water supply and drainage, wastewater treatment and agricultural irrigation


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