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Metal Tube Rotameter Flow Meter

Metal Tube Rotameter Flow Meter

Main technical parameters of Intelligent metal tube rotameter flowmeter
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Main technical parameters of Intelligent metal tube rotameter flowmeter

Measurement Range

Water(20℃):1-200000l/h ;


Ratio of Range10:1 for standard type, 20:1 for special type
Precision degreeStandard type 1.5 grade, special type 1.0 grade
Special standard

Standard type:DN15-DN50 4.0Mpa

Special grade:DN15-DN50 25Mpa

The pressure grade of the flowmeter with the jacket is 1.6Mpa and it shoule be agree with the plant for special type before selection and ordering

Pressure loss7KPa-70KPa
Media Viscosity

DN15:η<5m Pa.s (F15.1-F15.3) η<30m Pa.s (F15.4-F15.8)

DN25:η<30m Pa.s 


Environment Temperature

Long transmission type:-40℃~185℃

Field pointer type:-40℃~100℃

Connection patternStandard type:DIN2501 Standard flange
Special type Random standard flanges or screw threads appointed by the customers
Cable interface1/2 NPT internal thread for explosion proof type and M20*1.5 internal thread for other types
Power supply

Standard type:24VDC (two wires system 4-20mA 12VDC-32VDC)

Alarm type:24Vdc three wires system 4-20mA (18VDC-28VDC)

AC type: 85-265VAC 50Hz

Battery type:3.6V 7.5AH Lithium battery, can be used continuously for three years

Load characteristic

Two-wire system: RLmax=50*(-12)Ω=600Ω@24V

Alarm type:maximum load resistance is 200Ω

AC type: maximum load resistance is 200Ω

Alarm Output

Upper limit or lower limit instantaneous flow quantity alarm

Switching value alarm

Relay output

Liquid crystal display

Range of instantaneous flow quantity display value:0-50000(may include decimal)

Range of accumulated flow quantity display value:0-99999999(may include decimal), automatic reset

Protection level

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