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Open Channel Flow Meter

  • Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter

    UTG21-DR Open channel flow meter used to the measurement of flow within open, partially-filled and free flow channels and the open channel flow meter must be used with the measuring weirs and is mainly used to measure sewage flow within the channel under an open, partially...
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  • Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Measurement

    Open channel flow measurement by acoustic wave principle measure water, river etc application in parshall flume or weirs
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  • Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meters Measures Water and Wastewater

    Introduction: UTG21 series ultrasonic open channel flow meter can directly display the instantaneous and cumulative flow. The built-in EEPROM digital memory makes sure that the data will not lose in case of power failure. With different standards in various countries and can...
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  • Open Channel Flowmeter Monitoring Water

    Sensor installation Ultrasonic probe was install on the top of the flume, measuring the water level in the flume. Transmitter calculate the open channel instantaneous flow rate according to the water level and flume type and get the value of cumulative flow. Open channel...
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