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Open Channel Flow Meter

V Notch Weir Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

V Notch Weir Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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The UTG21 series is a remote version ultrasonic open channel flow meters. It consists of two elements, a wall mounted host, which has a display and an integral keypad for programming, and a probe, which must be mounted directly above the surface to be monitored. Both of the host and the probe are plastic leak-proof structure. The UTG21 series Open channel flow meter can be widely applied to the environmental protection, water treatment, irrigation, chemical, and other industries.


installation 2

1. Multiple functions, with calculating,control,transmitting and other functions.

2. Match with various weir tank. Right-angle,triangle weir,rectangular weir,groove,parshall flume,throat channel slot.

3. Accurate measurement , automatic temperature compensation function, automatic,filtering system, strong anti-jamming.

4. Accurate measurement in colder regions with electric heat tracing sensor

5. Large screen display, double line 14 bit LCD liquid crystal display (with backlight),characters of the man-machine interface.

6. With RS485 serial communication, the standard MODBUS RTU protocol, can communicate with Ethernet device, PC, PLC and DCS.

7. Can provide up to 6 relays, can set the upper limit and lower limit alarm and control(instantaneous flow rate and water level), Can be set high, low and fault alarms.


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