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Vortex Flow Meter

LV Wafer-type Steam Flow Meter

LV Wafer-type Steam Flow Meter

Product Type: LV Product diameter: DN20 ~ DN850 Product pressure: 0.6 ~ 6.4Mpa Material: Cast steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
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Product Description

Vortex flowmeter (plug-in) is based on Karman vortex principle, the use of advanced international microprocessor and spectrum analysis method to collect data, through the plant's technical and structural improvements, the successful development of the mechatronic stress vortex Street flow meter. It has a wide measuring range, pressure loss, easy installation, especially suitable for large pipe media measurement occasions. It is mainly used to measure the closed industrial pipe steam, gas, liquid medium mass flow and volume flow.

Main Feature

1. The detection element does not touch the medium, so the performance is stable, high reliability.

2. With software spectrum analysis capabilities to improve the instrument anti-jamming and seismic capabilities

3. Measuring a wide range of caliber, cost-effective products;

4. Dual power supply, built-in 3.6V lithium battery power supply, when external +24 VDC power supply, the internal power supply automatically switches;

5. The use of EEPROM technology, data can be long-term preservation after power failure;

6. Versatility, simple structure, no moving parts, easy installation and maintenance.

Technical Parameters

1. Measuring medium: gas, liquid, steam;

2. Measuring range: Reynolds number is 20000 ~ 7000000;

3. Accuracy: ± 2.0%;

4. Measuring caliber: DN250 ~ DN2000;

5. Medium temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 230 ℃ (optional)

6. Rated pressure: 1.6MPa;

7. The output signal: 1) pulse output; RS485 communication (modbus protocol); (4 ~ 20) mA (two-wire / three wire system); HART communication protocol; control signal output.

8. Structure: integrated; split.

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