Classification of liquid level transmitters
Apr 17, 2017

Basic classification

Input, straight rod type, flange type, threaded, inductive, rotary, floating-ball structure design, with the design of blocking-proof, simple installation, easy to use, high-quality exchange capacity, the sensitivity of high sensors, fast response, accurately reflecting the flow or static liquid level of subtle changes, high measurement accuracy.

The product has the advantages of advanced design principles, complete varieties specifications, easy installation and use.

Input liquid level transmitter adopts high-performance diffusion silicon piezoresistive pressure transducer as measuring element, after high reliability amplification processing circuit and precision temperature compensation, the table pressure or absolute pressure of the measured medium is converted to standard voltage or current signal. This product is compact, easy to install, and directly put into the water to the liquid level height.

Features: Using advanced circuit processing technology, stable performance, high sensitivity, a variety of quanta, the maximum measurable 200m (water column pressure); use 316L stainless steel diaphragm, suitable for a variety of measuring medium; flexible configurations, and can choose different configurations as needed.

Application: Measurement and control of liquid level in the field of industrial field, water supply and sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical, power plant, hydrological monitoring, reservoir, dam, hydropower construction, etc.

Product Features: With reverse polarity and current limiting protection, laser resistance temperature compensation, zero point, range can be adjusted on-site, wide range of anti-corrosion, suitable for a variety of media; overload and anti-interference ability, stable performance.


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