Daily maintenance of metal tube flow meter
Sep 15, 2018

1 The instrument is a precision equipment. During transportation, installation, storage and use, it must be handled with care to avoid barbaric transportation, excessive installation and random placement. During all operations, the relative position of the sensor and indicator must be kept constant, and the position change will directly affect the measurement accuracy of the meter.

2. In the long-term use process, there will inevitably be ferromagnetic impurities adsorbed on the float in the pipeline, which will cause the float to jam or affect the measurement accuracy. The float inside the sensor should be cleaned frequently; if the magnetic filter is installed, Regular cleaning.

3 The instrument indicator is equipped with electronic components. After the instrument is wired or the housing is removed, the screw must be tightened. The sealing of the housing must be ensured to prevent impurities, water or other substances from entering, and the instrument housing must be reliably grounded. .

4 After the instrument is installed, pay attention to the first time:

When opening the valve, in order to avoid the formation of pressure shock, the float will hit the limit device violently, causing damage to the instrument. Be sure to open the valve slowly!

The gas measuring instrument is equipped with a gas damper to reduce the oscillation of the float; to ensure the stability of the float, a throttle valve can be installed at the outlet of the meter.

5 For remote transmission type instruments, first ensure that the wiring of the instrument is correct before powering on; for dangerous occasions, it is necessary to select the explosion-proof type and install it with explosion-proof requirements.


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