Drill Core Method for Testing Concrete Strength Technical Regulations
Apr 23, 2018

The "Technical Specification for Testing Strength of Concrete by Core-drilling Method" (CECS03:2007) was formally implemented on January 1, 2008. The original standard "Technical Code for Testing Concrete Strength by Core-drilling Method" (CECS03:88) was simultaneously abolished. There are several major changes to the new procedures:

  • The application of drilling core strength testing technology to expand the scope of application of compressive strength of not more than 80MPa;

  • Increased the inspection of the batch of concrete strength inspection;

  • Increase the application of small diameter core specimens;

  • In the core drilling correction, the concept of correction is proposed;

  • The concept of strength interval under certain conditions of confidence was introduced into the strength of sampled and tested structural concrete.

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