How to analysis if measure medium of electromagnetic flow meter have bubbles inside
Oct 10, 2018

Why measure medium of electromagnetic flow meter have bubbles inside

  1. Measure medium absord outside air

  2. The fluid transforms into free bubbles during the dissolution process

How to analysis?

The most direct and effective method is to cut off the excitation loop current of the magnetic field when the data flow of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is broken. At this time, the instrument data still appears unstable, indicating that the situation is generated by the bubble, if at this time, the pointer multimeter To measure the electrode resistance, the data is that the resistance is higher than normal.

How to settle?

After confirming that the fluid does contain air bubbles, first determine whether it is caused by poor installation, check whether the flowmeter is installed at the highest point of the piping system, because this position is easy to cause external air inhalation and air retention, as long as the replacement is installed. The location can solve such problems, please refer to the following figure for installation;

electromagnetic flow meter s.png

When it is not possible to replace the installation position, it is recommended to install a bubble or exhaust valve upstream of the electromagnetic flowmeter. Practice has proved that when a DN200 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, data sloshing due to air bubbles can reach 20%~50 %, the data display of the electromagnetic flowmeter using the above method can be restored to normal; Summary: When the display data of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter appears to be shaking, the problem should be checked in time, especially the fluid contains bubbles, and the impact of the bubble on the data measurement of the electromagnetic flowmeter is huge.

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