How to install ultrasonic level meter
Jun 28, 2018

The ultrasonic level gauge is a digital level gauge controlled by a microprocessor.

In the measurement, the ultrasonic pulse is emitted by the sensor (transducer). The acoustic wave is reflected by the liquid surface and received by the same sensor or an ultrasonic receiver. The piezoelectric crystal or the magnetostrictive device converts the electric signal into an electric signal and transmits and receives the sound wave. The transfer time of acoustic wave from sender to receiver calculates the distance to the surface of the liquid . Due to the non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited and can be widely used for the measurement of various liquid and solid material heights.

Ultrsonic level meter.jpg
Level goes into dead zone
buiding extension tube higher the level
The best extension tubethere is prominence object at the nozzlerough inwall

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