How to Select a Inline type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Nov 29, 2018
  1. Pipe diameter. Due to difference of pipe materials and thickness of liner .Therefore, the diameter of the pipe type ultrasonic flowmeter is generally selected according to the inner diameter of the pipe.

  2. Accuracy. Inline type ultrasonic flow meter usually measure common type of liquid. like tap water, sea, basicly request the accuracy in 1.0

  3. Number of channels required. The time difference type ultrasonic flowmeter measures the velocity of the medium in the closed pipeline. The flow velocity of the medium at different levels in the large pipeline will be different. Therefore, some measurement sites need to use a multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter.

  4. Pipe length requirements. When selecting the inline type ultrasonic flowmeter, pay attention to the flange and flange spacing, especially the pipe where the installation position is reserved.

  5. Pipeline pressure requirements. According to the pipeline design requirements, the shell material of the tube-type ultrasonic flowmeter selected for different pressure grades will be different.

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