How To Test Concrete Piles and Foundations onsite?
Oct 15, 2018

Quality Control of pile and foundation elements is a challenging task. The quality of these components is often evaluated through indirect measurement, mainly because there is no easy and practical access, except from the pile head. In construction, the quality of the end product comes down to the experience of pile installer's know-how. What would be the best method for evaluating the quality of these components? Pile Integrity Testing can offer a convenient method for testing these components. 

Pile Integrity Testing is an NDT method that can provide useful information about the integrity and consistency of pile materials. The test method has been standardized as ASTM D5882. The test results can be used to evaluate:

•Pile integrity and continuity;

•Consistency of pile material.

•Pile length;

•Pile cross-sectional area.

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