Installation tips of Electromagentic flow transmitter-How to select an installation place
Feb 03, 2019

(1) The sensor can be installed on a vertical pipe, a horizontal pipe or a slanted pipe, but the center connection of the two electrodes is required to be horizontal.

(2) When the electromagnetic flowmeter is working, it is always required that the measuring tube is filled with the measured medium. To ensure this during horizontal installation, the elevation of the sensor installation position may be slightly lower than the elevation of the pipe if necessary.

(3) For liquid-solid two-phase fluids, vertical installation is recommended to make the sensor lining wear evenly and prolong the service life.

(4) Regardless of horizontal installation or vertical installation, in the continuous production process pipeline, in order not to affect the production, it is convenient to repair and disassemble the instrument. The sensor should be installed in parallel with the original main process pipeline (bypass pipe), especially Liquids that are heavily contaminated and need to be cleaned frequently.

(5) The length of the straight pipe section is recommended to be ≥10DN before the flowmeter and ≥5DN at the rear end. When the on-site working conditions are not allowed, the minimum front end ≥5DN and the rear end ≥2DN are satisfied.

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