Maintain and Repair of ZBL-R800 Multifunctional rebar scanner
Nov 23, 2018

1. Power supply: This instrument uses built-in dedicated rechargeable lithium battery for power supply. If it is fully charged, it can work continuously for about 26 hours. Please pay attention to the power indicator when using, if

When the battery is low, you should turn off the instrument as soon as possible and charge the instrument with the charger in time. Otherwise, the test data may be lost or even damaged due to sudden power failure. Do not use other batteries or power supplies to power the instrument


When charging the internal battery with the power charger supplied with this instrument, simply connect the power plug to the AC220±10%V socket and plug the charger plug into the instrument.

The source charger socket can be used. The charging indicator on the charger is red, indicating that the internal battery of the instrument is being charged. When the indicator light changes from red to yellow, the built-in battery is full. In this case, the charger should be pulled out in time to avoid overcharging the battery and affecting the battery life. . If the instrument is not used for a long time, the rechargeable battery will naturally discharge, resulting in a decrease in power. It should be recharged before use. During the charging process, the instrument and the charger will have a certain degree of heat generation, which is a normal phenomenon. The instrument and the charger should be kept well ventilated for heat dissipation.

3. Rechargeable battery: When the rechargeable battery is close to the charge and discharge life of the battery after frequent charge and discharge, if the battery is found to be not working properly (not charged at all, not filled or every charge)

After the time is full, the usage time is very short), it is likely that the rechargeable battery has been damaged or the life has arrived, and should be replaced with our company, a new battery. Do not short the battery or be near a high temperature heat source.

4. After using the instrument, the host, sensor, etc. should be properly cleaned to prevent water, mud, etc. from entering the connector or instrument, resulting in degraded instrument performance.

Or damaged.

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