Mechanical Schmidt Concrete Rebound Test Hammer
Dec 04, 2018

1. Instructions: HT-225 resiliometer, in accordance with JGJ/T23-2001 technical regulations, is used for detecting the concrete compressive strength within the range of 10-70Mpa and

Has the system standard energy of 2.207J. The medium-sized resiliometer with pointer direct-reading type indication system is manufactured under the supervision of Shaanxi Architectural Research Design Institute, the chief formulation unit of National Regulations on Measurement and Verification of Concrete Resiliometers (JJG817-93) and the Technical Regulations on Rebound-method Detection of Concrete Compressive Strength, the industry standard.

2. Characteristics:Light (save 2/3 of labor compared with similar products), flexible, cheap, without power supply, easy to master, buttons difficult to fall off due to pulling process, pointer convenient for adjusting friction force, the first choice of instrument suitable for on-site nondestructive testing.

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