Precautions for use of coating thickness gauge
Apr 17, 2017

Because the electromagnetic field has different distribution forms in different surface structure, the measurement error is caused. To avoid errors caused by operations, follow these guidelines when using:

1, in the same point of repeated measurements, each time the probe leaves more than 10cm, the interval after a few seconds to test, to avoid the test material due to the probe magnetization, affect the next measurement results;

2, in use, planar zero measurement plane, convex zero measurement convex, concave to zero measurement concave, avoid the structure of different resulting in measurement error;

3, as far as possible use of the materials measured as the matrix to avoid the different materials due to magnetic conductivity, but the error occurred;

4, as far as possible in the measured material of the same part of zero, then the same location. For example, at the edge of the workpiece and the middle part should be divided separately;

5, do the expense of the surface, to be as smooth as possible; the surface roughness of the measured material has great influence on the numerical value, and if the surface is not smooth, it should be averaged as the case;

6, the measurement, the probe to maintain the surface of the material is perpendicular to the measured, otherwise will produce a larger error.

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