Proper instrumentation
Apr 17, 2017

Pre-installation Precautions:

1, instrumentation before installation, process piping should be blown to prevent the stranded ferromagnetic materials in the pipeline attached to the meter, affect the performance of the meter, even damage the meter. If unavoidable, the magnetic filter should be installed at the entrance of the instrument. The meter itself does not participate in the gas sweep before production, lest damage the meter.

2. Before installing to the process piping, the meter should inspect its damage and open the shell to take the filler of the fixed pointer.

3, the Instrument installation form is divided into vertical installation and horizontal installation, if the form of vertical installation, should ensure that the center of the meter perpendicular to the angle of the plumb-line less than 2 °;

4, instrumentation upstream and downstream piping should be the same caliber as the instrument, the connection flange or thread should be matched with the instrument's flange and thread, the meter upstream straight pipe length should be guaranteed to be the instrument nominal caliber 5 times times, the downstream straight pipe is longer than equal to 250mm.

5, because the instrument is passed through the magnetic coupling signal, so in order to ensure the performance of instrumentation, installation around at least 10cm, not allowed to exist ferromagnetic substances.

6, measuring the instrument of gas, is calibrated under certain pressure, if the gas in the export of the meter directly discharged into the atmosphere, will be in the float at the pressure drop, and cause data distortion. If this is the condition, you should install a valve in the outlet of the meter.

7, the instrument installed in the pipeline should not be subjected to stress, the instrument's entrance should be suitable for piping support, can make the meter in the smallest stress state.

8, install PTFE (PTFE) lining instrumentation, be particularly cautious. Because of the pressure, PTFE will deform, so the flange nut do not tighten too tight.

9, with liquid crystal display instrument, installation should avoid direct sunlight display, reduce LCD service life.

10, low temperature medium measurement, the need to choose the jacket type.

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