Regular maintenance of sewage flow meters
Oct 19, 2018

Regular maintenance of sewage flow meters

During the operation of the sewage flow meter, regular maintenance should do the following work:

(1) For the gas pressure piping system, if there is a condensate or the liquid pressure piping system has a fouling pressure piping system and a differential pressure transmitter, then the sewage should be drained regularly to keep the instrument pressure piping smooth. The discharge cycle should be based on the cleanness of the measured medium. The sewage discharge method as follow:firstly turn off high and low valves of the three valve groups above the transmitter, and the dirt in the pressure guiding tube can be disputed by the pressure in the process pipeline through the high and low pressure side sewage discharge valves. Pay attention to safety, environmental protection and economy.

(2) The sewage flowmeter transmitter should be regularly checked for zero point.When checks the zero point of transmitter, make sure the operation in a correct way, and the condensate (or isolation liquid) must not be washed away.

(3) The inspection period of sewage flowmeter and transmitter is 1 year, or synchronized with the inspection and maintenance cycle of production and loading. The non-metering sewage flowmeter can be extended according to the degree of clearing of the measured medium, generally 3-5 years. .

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