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TDS-100 Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter-TDS-100 handheld ultrasonic flow transmitter
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Portable Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The ultrasonic flowmeter is a completely non-invasive type ultrasonic flow meter with clamp-on sensor which suitable pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm. The unit has build tin datalogger for over 2000Lines data storage and support extra external datalogger.
This ultrasonic flowmeter is widely used to measure water, seawater, sewage, alcohol, various oils and other single, uniform and stable liquid that can transmit ultrasonic wave. 

Handheld Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeter Features
--Real time data transfer
--Better than 1% accuracy
--4×16LCD display
--Clamp-on IP65 sensors

TDS-100F1 Fixed Ultrasonic Flowmeter can changed into Heat Measurement Function with PT-100

TDS-100F1 ultrasonic flowmeter/ TDS-100M economical flow module can be used as a heating meter when work with PT100 transmitter.