The difference between pile and pile for civil engineering project
Jun 21, 2018

Pile foundation

The pile foundation consists of a pile and a cap on the pile. If all piles are buried in soil and the underside of platform is contact with the soil, it is called a low pile foundation. If the upper part of the pile is exposed to the ground and the bottom of the pile is above the ground, it is called a high pile foundation.



The deep foundation composed of piles and piles of piles connecting the pile tops (abbreviated) or the mono pile foundations connected by columns and pile foundations, referred to as pile foundations. If the pile body is completely buried in soil, the platform surface contact with the soil body is called ground pile foundation. If the pile body surface is exposed on the ground and the bearing platform bottom is above the ground, it is called high pile foundation pile.


The difference between pile foundation and pile

The single pile and pile foundation in the pile foundation are the foundation of the common main city or the single pile foundation connected by the column and pile, which is set in the rock and soil and the pile cap connected to the pile top


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