The use method of liquid level transmitter
Apr 17, 2017

One, the best choice of voltage regulator power supply alone. The stability of the power supply affects the performance index of the transmitter, and it is preferable to control the error of the transmitter to allow the error one-fifth below. For products with special power supply requirements, you must receive special power supplies.

Second, the liquid level transmitter signal line to take a shielded cable to prevent electromagnetic interference.

3, according to the correct wiring method to connect the transmitter, its power time in 15-30 minutes.

Fourth, if the liquid level transmitter is installed in the pool, water tower and other occasions, it can sink to the bottom of the probe, far away from the rapid flow rate.

Fifth, in the case of large fluctuations in the use of liquid level transmitter installation of the best use of the pipe plug method, steel pipe to be firmly fixed, the steel pipe every other distance to open a hole, the position of the steel pipe to stay away from the outlet.

6, the junction box to be fixed firmly, or install a fixed bracket, to prevent dry, shade places, can not be rain

7, protect good ventilation cable, can not bend or block, more can not damage, redundant cables to the nearby disk.

8, outdoor installation of the liquid level transmitter to adopt lightning protection measures.

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