Trouble Shooting of Ultrasonic Solid Level Meter
Dec 06, 2018

1. When the instrument is installed, the case and the inlet are not tightly sealed, caused meter is flooding water and corroding the lines.

2. Electromagnetic interference, mainly from the high-power equipment such as inverters. The level gauge seperately connected with the ground as much as possible may reduce the influence.

3. Unsuitable installation position or unreasonable structure of the installation. For example, the opening is too small, the pipe is too long, and the top surface of the arc is reflected many times.

4. The liquid in the container have strongly volatilizes condensed on the surface of probe which block the emission and reception of sound waves.

5. Any situation where the measurement is unstable, the signal is not detected, the measured value is wrong, etc., such as serious condensation, the foam is too much, the nozzle is too long, the side wall of the container has reflection interference, and the curved top surface is repeatedly signaled. In the case of reflection, etc., it is possible to solve by adding a plastic tube in the container and measuring the liquid level in the tube, because the liquid level in the plastic tube is flat, the side wall is smooth, and other disturbing reflected sound waves can be shielded, and the inside of the tube is shielded. The sound wave signal is strong and the measurement is stable. The inner diameter of the plastic tube is larger than the outer diameter of the probe, the inner wall is flat and seamless, and two holes are opened at the upper and lower ends of the plastic tube to ensure the same liquid level inside and outside the tube.

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