Trouble shooting- Why Ultrasonic Level Meter request temperature compensated
Dec 20, 2018

Ultrasonic level gauges is a way of non-contact measurement, and the measurement is not affected by dielectric density, dielectric constant, conductivity, etc., so the application range is very wide and plays an increasingly important role. However, in practical applications, temperature compensation is required for the ultrasonic level gauge. Why?

As a non-contact liquid level measuring instrument controlled by a microprocessor, the ultrasonic wave of the ultrasonic level gauge is emitted by the probe (sensor and transducer), and the sound wave is reflected by the surface of the object and then converted into an electrical signal by the same probe, and The distance from the probe to the measured liquid level is calculated from the transmission time of the sound wave from transmission to reception. The relationship between the distance and the speed of sound c ^ and the transmission time is usually expressed by the formula S = CXT / 2.

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