Why we request detect the position of rebar before drilling
Nov 22, 2018

TEM-R71 Steel-bar Location and Corrosion Tester In addition to Corrosion Measurements are also used to detect the thickness of the layer of covering concrete and rebar diameter. It can detect the location of magnetic conductors and electricity in non-magnetic and non-conductive mediums. It is a kind of intelligent non-destructive test equipment having automatic detection, data memory and output .

As the name suggests, the TEM-R71 Steel-bar Location and Corrosion Tester are used to find reinforcing steel and metal pipes in construction projects, a key to ensuring safe construction and maintenance of concrete structures. Before starting in on any maintenance work, it is very important to identify the location, orientation and depth of the metal in the concrete structure. Errors in drilling into metal pipes can be destructive and expensive. Similarly, drilling into concrete structures without proper measurements can destroy expensive drill bits and worse, can cause significant structural damage.

TEM-R71 Rebar scanner and Corrosion detector is the perfect solution for making fast and accurate determination of locations, concrete blankets and rebar diameters in reinforced construction. 

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