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Radar Level Meter

Explosion Proof Level Transmitter Guided Wave Radar Level Meter For Oil

Explosion Proof Level Transmitter Guided Wave Radar Level Meter For Oil

TEMHRD902 radar distance sensor is a hight frequency radar level transmitter apply to liquid, it's small antenna size, easy to install and non-contact radar, no wear, no pollution. Almost no corrosion, bubble effect and not affected by water vapor in the atmosphere, the temperature and pressure changes.
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Radar Level Meter Antenna low emission energy extremely short microwave pulses,the pulses of light propagation in space,measured across the media surface,some of its energy is reflected back,is received by the same antenna,Transmit pulse and the received pulse intervals proportional to the distance to the north side of the antenna surface of the medium,Due to high velocity of propagation of electromagnetic waves emitted pulse and pulse interval time to accept a small(nanoseconds)is difficult to confirm,TEMHRD Series Radar Level Meter uses a special technology related solutions that can accurately identify the time interval between the transmitted pulse and the reception,the antenna further calculate the distance to the surface of the measured medium .

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Measuring Range30 meters
Process ConnectionThread, Flange
Medium Temperature-40°C ~ 150°C
Process Pressure-0.1 ~ 4.0 MPa
Accuracy± 3mm
Protection GradeIP67
Frequency Range26GHz
Signal Output4-20mA/HART (Two-wire / Four)RS485/ Modbus
Explosion-proof GradeExia ⅡC T6 Ga

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Model Selection

LicenseP Standard (Non-explosion-proof)
I Intrinsically safe (Exia IIC T6 Ga)
G Intrinsically safe type, Flameproof (Exd (ia) IIC T6 Ga)
Process Connection / Material  G Thread G1½″ A / Stainless Steel 304
N Thread 1½″ NPT / Stainless Steel 304
A Flange DN50 / Stainless Steel 304  
B Flange DN80 / Stainless Steel 304
C Flange DN100 / Stainless Steel 304
Y Special Custom-tailor  
Antenna Type / MaterialA Horn Antenna Φ46mm / Stainless Steel 304
B Horn Antenna Φ76mm / Stainless Steel 304
C Horn Antenna Φ96mm / Stainless Steel 304
Y Special Custom-tailor
Seal Up / Process TemperatureV Viton / (-40~150) °C
K Kalrez / (-40~250) °C
Electronic Unit  2 (4~20) mA / 24V DC / Two wire system
3 (4~20) mA / 24V DC / HART two wire system 
4 (4~20) mA / 220V AC / Four wire system  
5 RS485 / Modbus  
Shell / Protection GradeL Aluminum / IP67  
G Stainless Steel 304 / IP67  
Cable Line M M 20x1.5
N ½″ NPT  

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