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Ultrasonic Level Sensor

  • HL Liquids And Soilds Ultrasonic Level Meter

    HL Ultrasonic level meter continuous non-contact measure level in liquids and solids. It consists of probe and host, both of which are plastic leak-proof structure. The HL series can be widely applied to the metallurgical, chemical, electricity and oil industries.
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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors for Continuous Level Measurement

    1.Introduction: Ultrasonic water level sensor’s precision of liquid level can up to 0.3%, which is enough to resist various interference waves. The transmitter is a non-contact one and dose not directly contact liquid, so the fault rate is low. 2.Features
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  • Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Fuel Tank

    Introductions UTG21-PS is separate type the sensor PTFE material can be used for a variety of corrosive occasions. Feature 1.Range: 0~15m 2.Blind area: 0.25m~0.5m 3.Ranging accuracy : 0.3% (Standard condition) 4.Ranging resolution: 1mm 5.Pressure: Less than four atmospheric...
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Welcome to buy the famous brands' ultrasonic level sensor with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our ultrasonic level sensor can be widely used in water supply and drainage water, petroleum and chemicals, food and pharmaceutical. Please be free to enjoy our unmatched price and service.
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