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  • NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS

    • NAVA 110 Land Measurement GPS is a new high-tech product which is functioned with Area & Length & Circumference & Price setting & Total Fare Calculation. • It measures the length, width and area of the farm through satellites, and also has the function of unit price set...
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  • Electronic Digital Cailiper

    1)Operation: Slider can be removed only after the locking screw(#10) is loosened 2)Basic Measuring Methods a: loosen the locking screw b: press "on" button, select sae or metric measurement bypressing "MM/INCH" Button. pressing "MM/INCH" button after measurement will...
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  • Concrete Drilling Machine

    Diamonc core drills for reinforced concrete wall, floor, cement. We have different sizes, from dia 5mm to 505mm and different stands, vertical steel stand, angle adjustable steel stand, angle adjustable aluminum stand, angle adjustable aluminum vacuum base stand. Magnetic...
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  • Insulation Core Drilling Machine

    Insulation Core Drilling Machine Features The tool rotation speed can be reached no-rate speed adjustment by the switch trigger . Equipped with built-in adjustable safety clutch, if the internal nut loosed,can fix by the M8 screw on the reducer, do not have to disassemble....
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  • Foldable Measuring Wheel

    1.Measurement Accuracy: ±99.97% 2.Measurement Range: 0-99999.9meters 3.Wheel diameter: 318centimeters
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  • Digital Measuring Wheel

    1.Accurate: ±99.97% 2.Measureing Range: 0-99999.9meters 3.Wheel diameter: 159centimeters
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  • Measuring Wheel

    Easy operation measuring wheel
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  • HZ-205F Concrete Drilling Machine

    Diamond drill, also called concrete drill is a new type of tool which can drill on RC, brick and stone, rock, china and fireproof materials. It is hold such characteristics as working without dust, high efficiency, smooth wall of hole and accurate size. It is available in...
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Welcome to buy the famous brands' measuring tools with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our measuring tools can be widely used in water supply and drainage water, petroleum and chemicals, food and pharmaceutical. Please be free to enjoy our unmatched price and service.
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