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GM-026 Gloss Meter

GM-026 Gloss Meter

This Compact and portable Gloss Meter is used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface. It has 20° and 60° measuring angle and capable to save in group up to 254 data. Very flexible to use with its separate probe.

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Product Details

Surface gloss measurement

coating such as paint, baking varnish, coating, printing ink. Building decoration materials such as stone, ceramic tile, section bar. Paper , Bamboo wood, plastic, film, etc. other kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials.



*In accordance with international standard ASTMD523,ASTMD1455,ASTMC346,ASTMC584,ASTMD2457, DIN ENISO2813, DIN67530,ENISO7668,JISZ8741.MFT30064,TAPPIT480,GB9754,GB/T13891,GB7706 and GB8807.

Its technical parameters conform with JJG696-2002.

*Accurate measurement, goood repetitiveness.

*Automatic calibration, small in size, easy to carry.

*Able to store 254 groups of measurements.

*Applies USB, RS-232,Bluetooth data output



Display4 Digits Backlit LCD
Measuring Angle20°/60°
Range0.1~200 Gloss Units
Gloss UnitsGU
Measuring Area7×14mm(Ellipse)
Data Neniruzed 254 Groups
Opeating Conditions Temp.0~40℃  ; Humidity:< 85% RH
Standard AccessoriesMain Unit; Holder with calibration standard; External Probe; Optical cleaning cloth; Carrying case;operation manual
Optional accessories

RS-232C data cable with software

Bluetooth data adapter with software

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