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Contact Tachometer

DT-2859 Digital Phone Contact Tachometer

DT-2859 Digital Phone Contact Tachometer

the Tachometer is used to measure rotative velocity, surface speed, frequency of motor. Applicable to the product departments of motor, fan, paper-product, chemical fiber, washing-machine, automobile, airplane, steamer etc. Multifunctional, one instrument combines PHOTO TACH.(RPM) & CONTACT TACH. (RPM , m/min, ft/min ). It can also be applied to the measurement of Frequency, Cycle, Pulse Times, Pulse Distance, User-defined Pulse Distance, etc.
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Model: DT-2859 
Range: Laser 2.5~99,999r/min Contact 0.5~19,999 r/min 
Surface: 0.05~1999.9 m/min Speed: 0.2~6560 ft/min Frequency: 0.04~1666.65 Hz 
Resolution: Rotative 0.1 r/min (0.5~999.9 r/min) Velocity 1 r/min (Over 100 m/min) 
Surface Speed: 0.01 m/min(0.05~99.9 m/min) 1 m/min(Over 100 m/min) 
0.1 ft/min(0.1~999.9 ft/min) 1 ft/min(Over 1000 ft/min) 
Accuracy: ±(0.05%n+1d) 
Sampling Time: 1.0 s(Over 60 r/min) 
Test Range Select: Automation 
Memory: Max / Min / Last Value 
Time Base; Quartz Crystal 
Laser Tach Detecting Distance: 50~250mm/2~10inch(Typical),Max 600mm/24 inch 
Power Consumption: 80mA(Testing) 
Operating Temperature: 0~50oC 
Power Supply: 4x1.5V AAA Size(UM-3)Battery 
Dimensions: 140x72x34mm Sensor: 45x195mm 
Weight: 245g 

Package includes:
1.Main Unit
3.Carrying Case
4.Operation manual
5.Reflective tape 350mm
6.Cone Adapter(AS35A)
7.Funnel Adapter(AS35B)
8.Surface speed test Wheel(AS35C)
Optional accessories:
1.USB, RS-232C data cable with software
2.Bluetooth data out put with software

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