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3 Sets Of Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter Finished Production
Apr 25, 2018

Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

◆ No moving parts, simple structure and reliable operation

◆Plug-in structure allows convenient installation and dismounting without cutting off the water supply under the condition of low pressure. Therefore, it is suitable for all existing pipelines and convenient for instrument maintenance.

◆Measurement accuracy may not be affected by the variation of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, conductivity (as long as it is greater than 5µs/cm) etc.

◆The transducer almost has no pressure loss, leading to very low energy loss.

◆It has less manufacturing and installation cost than other electromagnetic flowmeters, so is particularly suitable for measuring the liquid from pipelines of medium or large diameter.

◆The advanced low frequency square wave excitation is used, resulting in stable zero point, good capacity of resisting disturbance, and reliable operation.

◆Large measurement range. The pipeline full scale flow rate can be randomly set within the range from 1m/s to 10m/s. The output signal and flow have a linear relation.

◆The flowmeter (except battery-powered one) has two kinds of current output: 0~10mA◆DC and 4~20mA◆DC and 1~5kHz frequency output.

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