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Accelerating Development Of Industrial Automation Process In China
- Apr 17, 2017 -

Industrial Control automation technology is a kind of control theory, instrumentation, computer and other information technology to achieve the industrial production process detection, control, optimization, scheduling, governance and decision-making, to increase production, progressive quality, reduce consumption, ensure safety and other purposes of comprehensive technology, mainly including industrial automation software, hardware and system three parts. As one of the most important technologies in the modern manufacturing field in the 20th century, the industrial control automation technology mainly solves the problem of production efficiency and consistency. Although the automation system itself does not directly create benefits, but it has a significant increase in the process of enterprise production.

China's industrial control automation development Road, most of the introduction of complete sets of equipment at the same time digestion and absorption, then the second development and application. At present, China's industrial control automation technology, industry and application have a great development, China's industrial computer systems industry has been formed. The technology of industrial control automation is developing in the direction of intellectualization, networking and integration.

Market economy promotes social development, Informationization has become a true portrayal of today's society, more and more information products face to society. Key industries have also been valued, industrial computer plays a very important role in the inside, and IPC-based automation products gradually become the mainstream of low-cost industrial control. Industrial computer manufacturers have received more and more attention.