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Application Of Electromagnetic Flowmeter In Various Trades
Apr 17, 2017

The application of electromagnetic flowmeter in industries are mainly three types:

First, the large diameter instrument is more applied in water supply and drainage engineering;

Second, small and medium caliber is often used in solid-liquid two equal several fluid or demanding places; Such as measurement of papermaking industry of paper slurry and pulp of the black liquor, nonferrous metallurgy industry, coal preparation plant of coal slurry, strong corrosion liquid chemical industry and steel industry blast furnace tuyere cooling water control and leakage, long distance pipeline hydraulic transportation of coal flow measurement and control.

Third, small diameter, small diameter; Often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biological engineering, etc have health requirements.

Choosing a electromagnetic flowmeter according to use:

1, high pressure type: petrochemical solid slurry and production technology of high pressure water injection, the flow measurement and control.

2, diving type: open channel flow measurement, alternatives to traditional weir plate flowmeter.

Type 3, health: remove the washing disinfection is convenient, quick installation, applicable to the pharmaceutical department and so on.

4, ordinary: measure used in medical, food, etc.

5, explosion-proof type: can be used in explosive atmosphere environmental conditions, such as chemical industry, coal mine use.

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