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Basic Type Rebar Locator Ready For Shipment
- May 24, 2018 -

rebar scanner_副本.jpg

(1). Testing the location, distribution, direction, and diameter of the rebar and the thickness of cover in concrete structure projects.

(2). Inspecting and accepting concrete structural construction quality.

(3). Evaluating the quality of construction.

(4). Establishing the location of rebar for drilling, cutting and coring operations.

(5). Testing the distribution and direction of electric cables, pipelines and metalwork inside walls and floors.

(6). Testing the quantity of rebar when evaluating and developing the old structure, such as installation of furniture and air-condition.

1.3 Features

The high resolution LCD display: 128 x 128 pixels;

 The intuitive operation and handheld ergonomic design with good durability;

 Accurately detect the location of the rebar;

Help extend life of drill and avoid damage when drilling and coring;

The multi coil structure design with high speed, high precision and high resolution;

The built-in high capacity lithium battery, low power consumption, standby for no less than 20h.