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Economic Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Module
Feb 11, 2018

TDS-100M Module ultrasonic flow meter can work alone without a LCD and Keypad module. Users can even integrate a number of the ultrasonic flow modules into a multi-channel flow meter that can measure up to several dozen of different pipes or a flow meter that has higher accuracy by measuring the same pipe with all the channels. The design of ultrasonic flow module is intended to provide for users like system integrators and OEM users with a lowest cost but of high performance flow meter

Module ultrasonic flow meter.jpg

* 8-36VDC

*1× MODUBUS RS485,4-20mA and OCT output

* 4-20mA and PT100 platinum resistance input

* English LCD display

* IP57

* Operate with Clamp-on, insertion and flow-cell transducer

* Pipe diameters from 15mm to 6000m

* GPRS/GSM Networking capability with certain model

Clamp on ultrasonic flow module.jpg

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