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Flowmeter Used In Health Field
Apr 17, 2017

Turbine flow meter, is the main species in the speed of flowmeter, it adopts multi blade rotor (turbine) feel the mean velocity of fluid, so as to derive the traffic or instrument of the total. Usually it consists of two parts, sensor and display, also can make integral.

Turbine flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter volumetric flowmeter, coriolis mass flowmeter is called flowmeter in three kinds of repeatability and accuracy of the best product, as one of the top ten type flowmeter, its products has developed series of multiple varieties, more than the size of the batch production.


(1) high precision, in all flowmeter, belongs to the most precise flowmeter;

(2) good repeatability;

(3) yuan zero drift, good anti-jamming capability.

(4) wide range of degrees;

(5) compact structure.


(1) cannot keep for a long time calibration characteristics;

(2) has a great influence on fluid physical properties on the flow characteristic.


Turbine flowmeter is widely used in the following some measurement object: oil, organic, inorganic liquid, liquefied gas, liquid gas, food, beverage and low temperature flow systems in Europe and the United States, the turbine flowmeter in dosage is the natural next to orifice meter measuring instrument, only the Netherlands on the gas pipeline is adopted more than 2600 sets of various sizes, pressure from 0.8 ~ 6.5 MPa gas turbine flowmeter, which has become an excellent natural gas meters.

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