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Maintenance Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Jul 30, 2018

Maintenance of Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Digital electromagnetic flow meter follow the principle of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction is more stable and accurate in reality application but it can not avoid some operational error caused damage, here T-measurement summarize some failure solutions.


1. No display , no signal output on electromagnetic transmitter



a) If the power be connected properly or any damage of power circuits.

b) if the signal wires of output has been connected properly

c) if measure medium has been full of pipe

d) if have some oxide or attachment on the electrode , clear electrode

e) measuring circuit fault


2.Zero point Instability



a) pipe is not be full of measure medium or measure medium have bubbles inside

b) external have electromagnetic noise disturb measurement,

c) The heterogeneous conductivity or have inside the measure medium

d)The insulation of signal circuit lines go down


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