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New Release-TEM-H51 Concrete Floor Thickness Tester
Jul 10, 2018

Floor thickness gauges are mainly used to measure the thickness of concrete structures such as floors, shear walls, beams, columns and other non-ferromagnetic media.

H51 slab thickness gauge.jpg

The thickness of cast-in-place slabs and walls is an important indicator for assessing the safety performance of buildings. It is more and more concerned by the relevant departments. The quality supervision and inspection units at all levels are also very concerned about the non-destructive testing technology of floor and wall thickness. The traditional method of borehole measurement, which is not only have large error, but also damage complete constrction. With fully successful experience research and development of engineering survey instruments have  successfully develop a floor slab thickness gauge since 2010. It breaks through the traditional test methods and achieves unimagined test accuracy.

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