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Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter Used For Measure Both Flow And Level
May 02, 2018

UTG21-DR Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter


UTG21-DR open channel flow meter used with the measuring weirs and is mainly used to measure sewage flow within the channel under an open, partially filled and free flow conditions.

  • Continuous, Non-contact measurement of flow

  • Can be used for factory sewage outfall, farmland irrigation, river flow and other circumstances.


  • Can display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, liquid level , echo waveform, history curve

  • With data storage, automatic error correction function with data storage time of up to 8 years

  • Can query cumulative flow for any period in the past 8 years and obtain daily, monthly and annual flow

  • 4-20mA current output instantaneous flow, RS485/Modbus output instantaneous flow, total flow, liquid level

  • Internally integrated temperature sensor provides real-time tempearture compensation to sound speed

  • Internal integared clock chip to display the current data and time

utg21-ds open channel flow meter2.jpg

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