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Pipe Conditions Of Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
Aug 15, 2018

1.In order to eliminate the uneven velocity through cross-section caused low accuracy. The flow sensor should have a certain straight pipe section upstream or downstream, or install a rectifier instead of a part of the straight pipe section. Generally, the upstream straight pipe section is not less than 15D, and the downstream straight pipe section is not less than 5D (D is the flow sensor nominal diameter).

2.In order to eliminate the effecting of backflow, uneven flow velocity distribution and swirling, the rectifier can be installed upstream. At this time, the straight pipe length of the upstream part of the flow sensor can be L=10D. If it is 15-20D, the measurement accuracy can reach the calibration accuracy. 

3.When measure medium is a gas and liquid mixture, an air separator (degasser) should be installed.

4.When the massive flow rate go through, will shorter using-life. Usually, the flow rate will be adjusted to the appropriate size through the valve, and the valve should be installed downstream of the flow meter.

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