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The Advantages Of Liquid Level Transmitter
Apr 17, 2017

1. Easy to install, easy to use, the ability to swap strong.

2. Suitable for the liquid medium in the vessel, the measurement of the interface. In addition to the on-site instructions, can also be equipped with remote transmitter, alarm switch, detection function is complete.

3. Indication of novelty, intuitive reading, eye-catching, observing the direction of the indicator can be changed according to the user needs.

The measurement range is large and is not restricted by the height of the tank.

The indicator mechanism is completely isolated from the tested media, good sealing, high reliability and safe use.

Simple structure, easy installation, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof.

High-quality sensing sensitivity, rapid response speed, accurately reflecting the flow or static liquid level of subtle changes, high accuracy.

With the explosion-proof and isolation of explosion-proof capacity, can be applied to various hazardous sites.

The design of blocking type can be used to measure the liquid level of the paste medium.

100% Sub scale, LED, LCD three indicators of the head, on-site reading is very convenient.

Fine unique Zero point, Man Cheng, nonlinear compensation, to ensure the use of the instrument range of precision, long-term stability.

The pressure sensor is directly sensing liquid level pressure and is unaffected by the foaming and deposition of the medium.

The use of a wide range of tested media, oil, water and 316 stainless steel compatible paste with a certain anti-corrosion capacity.

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