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The Development History Of Flowmeter
Apr 17, 2017

As early as 1738, the Swiss Daniel first Bernoulli used the Bernoulli equation as the basis to measure water flow with the differential pressure method. Later the Italian G.B. Venturi Research uses a venturi tube to measure traffic and published the results in 1791. 1886, American c. Herschel using Venturi control to measure water flow utility unit in the early 20th century, the original measurement principle gradually matured, people began to explore new measurement principles since 1910 the United States began to develop the measurement of open ditch water flow trough flowmeter. 1922, R.L Parshall the original venturi sink reform to Parshall sink (in 1929 for the American Association of Civil Engineers named). 1911-1912 years, Hungarian-American T.von Carmen proposes a new theory of Carmen Vortex Street. The 30 generation explored the method of measuring the flow velocity of liquids and gases by sonic waves, but until the Second World War there was no significant progress until 1955, with the use of the acoustic circulation method (two sets of Marcussen flowmeter) to measure the flow of aviation fuels. 1945, A. Colin measured the flow of blood successfully with alternating magnetic fields. After the 60, the instrumentation to precision, miniaturization and other directions. For example, in order to improve the accuracy of differential pressure meter, the force balance differential pressure transmitter and capacitance differential pressure transmitter; In order to make electromagnetic flowmeter miniaturization and improve Snr, electromagnetic flowmeter with non-uniform magnetic field and low frequency excitation method is found. With the rapid development of IC technology, ultrasonic (wave) flowmeter with PLL technology has been widely used. The wide application of microcomputer has further improved the capacity of the flow measurement, such as the laser Doppler flow meter, which can handle the complicated signal.

The United States issued the first TUF patent in 1886, and 1914, the TUF's patents were found to be related to frequency. The first TUF in the United States, developed in 1938, is used for measuring the flow of fuel on an airplane, just until after the Second World War with a high-precision, fast-responsive flowmeter in urgent need of jet engines and liquid-jet fuels to get real industrial applications. Nowadays, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, scientific research, national defense and metrology departments.

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