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The Installation Of Vortex Flow Meter
Aug 13, 2018

The theoretical basis of the vortex flowmeter is the well-known "Carmen vortex street" principle in fluid mechanics. It uses a fluid to flow through the obstruction to produce a stable vortex.

It can be installed indoors or outdoors, but if it is installed in a well, you have to worry about whether it will be flooded. At this point, you should choose a submersible sensor or transmitter.

If it is installed on the pipe, it can be horizontal, vertical, and tilted. However, when the liquid is side-loaded, the pipe must be filled with liquid, and the flow direction of the liquid should be bottom-up.

When installing a vortex flowmeter, it must be remembered that the inner diameter of the pipe must be the same as the inner diameter of the flowmeter, otherwise it must be reduced. There should be a long straight pipe section before and after the flowmeter. The required length of the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections varies with the pipe condition. When designing the pipe, the upper end of the sensor or transmitter should be kept at least 500mm space to facilitate debugging and overhaul.

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