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Turbine Flowmeter Still Occupies The Dominant Position Of Instrument And Meter
Apr 17, 2017

Turbo Flowmeter still occupies the dominant position of instrument and meter: the Fieldbus has become the hotspot of global automatic gas turbine flowmeter technology. Fieldbus is a kind of open, digitized, two-way, multi-station communication system used in the field of intelligent instrument and control room.

Production is not only the actual demand of the vast number of users and the result of technical competition among manufacturers, it is also the product and product upgrading of the combination of computer technology, communication technology and control technology in the field of industrial control, and provides tremendous impetus and development space for further high precision, high performance, high reliability, high adaptability, multi-function, low consumption etc. The application field, especially the non-traditional application field further expands, has injected the new vigor, the new impetus to the gas turbine flowmeter industry's continuous development.

Turbo flowmeter industry occupies the dominant position, plays the core or the key role is miniaturization, intellectualization and the network. This background and the situation, and constantly to the gas turbine flowmeter industry to put forward higher, newer, more requirements, such as faster, more sensitive, better stability, fewer samples, detection of micro-damage even non-destructive, more convenient to use, cheaper, non-polluting, and also for the gas turbine flowmeter industry to provide a strong impetus, and become a gas turbine flowmeter industry further development of material, knowledge and technology base.

The analysis can see that high-tech is not only the main characteristics of modern gas turbine flowmeter industry, but also the only way to revitalize the instrument industry, and the development mainstream of gas turbine flowmeter industry.

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