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What Are The Advantages Of Flow Measurement?
Apr 20, 2017

Advantages of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

1.Low installation effort and costs
2.Measurement is independent of fluid conductivity and pressure
3.No pressure loss,no possibility of leakage 
4.Retrospective installation for existing plants possible.
5.No cutting of pipes necessary,no interruption of process,no plant shutdown
6.No additional fittings for maintenance required.

Advantages of Vortex meters

1 .Wide rangeability (for Reynolds numbers above l0,OOO).
2. An accuracy of 1 percent of rate.
3.A wide range of sizes.
4. Linear output.
5. Availability of pulse and analog outputs. 

Limitations of Vortex meters
1. A limited range of construction materials is available.
2. Vortex meters are generally not suitable for slurries or O high-viscosity liquids.
3. Users cannot check calibration
4. Turbulent flow is required.
5. Vortex meters have over range limitations.
6. Strainers may be required.
7. Vortex meters are affected by pulsating flow.


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