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Why Ultrasonic Flow Meter Widely Apply To Power Plant
May 11, 2018

ultrasonic flow meter power plant.jpg

The measuring enviroment of water recycle system of power plant is difficult for common flow meters as its huge pipe size, and low flow speed. 

The features of ultrasonic flow meter

*Temperature, pressure, density , conductive rate have few influence the measure result of ultrasonic flow meter

*Ultrasonic flow meter suitable for a large range of flow range and pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm

*With inside battery power supply, can apply to no power application

* Suitable for both metal and non-mental pipe material.


1.Input accurate parameters

    According the principle of ultrasonic flow meter, the pipe thickness and Pipe OD relative with flow speed, to make the accuracy of measuring result, may select different position for measuring and take the average vale.

 2.Installation sensors in a correct way

 3. Regularly move out the dirt inside the pipe

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